• Green Cargo switches driverless freight trains

    The 90-ton freight locomotive rolls softly into Green Cargo’s switching yard at pre-set, precision speed—without a driver. Using wireless technology, the locomotive is controlled by the switch crew in the switching tower or in the yard. Work at the shunting yard in Borlänge, Sweden has become safer and more effective—thanks to a locomotive remote-control solution from Åkerströms.

  • Remote-controlled locomotives 1000 meters under ground

    LKAB, in Kiruna, Sweden, has the world’s largest underground iron ore mine—the most modern in the mining industry. Here, you’ll find the latest IT systems, and for a long time, the underground transport system has been controlled remotely. At a 1045-meter depth, the deepest part of the mine, communication is managed with Åkerströms’ remote control for locomotives. And this solution is part of the system for remote control of driverless trains that transport thousands of tons of ore, around the clock, from the mine shafts.

  • Remote-controlled locomotives make work safer at SSAB

    When it comes to successfully managing its continuous operations, railroad and remote control are two key factors for SSAB Tunnplåt AB in Luleå, Sweden. Hundreds of tons of 1500-degree molten steel are transported by rail from the company’s blast furnace to its steel works for further processing. Enormous forces put stringent demands on control and precision of train transports. Åkerströms’ remote control for locomotives accounts for a large part of transport safety.

  • Hector Rail optimizes engine use with Åkerström's Locomote

    "Precision and sensitivity are crucial when handling such gigantic forces," says Petter Hydén, an engineer at Hector Rail. "Drivers want total control of the locomotive’s movements. And that’s exactly what they get with Locomote—a wireless remote control solution."