• GMJ Equipment Pty Ltd

    GMJ Equipment is a leading Australian manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms. The platforms reach heights of 10-70 meters and come in many different models. GMJ has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and is at the forefront of mobile elevating platform development.

  • Hammar Maskin

    Hammar Maskin is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile self-loading container equipment, known as sideloaders. The sideloaders use the Remotus Mercury control system from Åkerströms Björbo. “Switching to Remotus a year and a half ago simplified our work significantly,” says Christian af Petersens, purchasing manager.

  • Nimbus Boats

    It’s full speed ahead for leisure craft production at Nimbus Produktion i Visby AB, a boat builder on the island of Gotland, Sweden. Demand skyrocketed, so boat building in its factory is continuously streamlined to meet production demands. One efficiency effort involved installation of Åkerströms’ remote-control system for overhead cranes. Using portable, wireless radio transmitters, builders hoist heavy parts while working and moving freely around the boat. This enables quick, safe work. Builders who run the system now have full control over clumsy, heavy boat parts.

  • SSAB Tunnplåt

    SSAB Tunnplåt’s Borlänge operation has its steel sheet processing under control. The company—a subsidiary of the SSAB Group—processes 30-ton steel sheet rolls/coils with varying properties for purposes such as car, refrigerator, or door manufacturing. So it’s important to keep track of the warehouse’s hundreds of rolls, which must be cut to length and distributed to customers. SAAB Tunnplåt manages the logistics with a wireless network and Åkerströms’ remote-control solutions.

  • LKAB

    Anyone who imagines that a mine is a tough environment is ...absolutely right. Robert Larsson is functional manager at LKAB that has facilities in Malmberget and Kiruna in northern Sweden.