Åkerströms wins Brand of the Year award

Anna Stiwne CEO Åkerströms and Erika Ryttare, Marketing Manager Åkerströms. Photo Patrik Eriksson/Dalarna Business
Anna Stiwne CEO Åkerströms and Erika Ryttare, Marketing Manager Åkerströms. Photo Patrik Eriksson/Dalarna Business

Åkerströms was named Brand of the Year at the Stjärngalan ceremony in Borlänge. The jury’s motivation: Åkerström’s efforts to build a distinctive brand, both internally and externally, has brought radio remote control from Björbo to the forefront both in Sweden and abroad.

On Thursday evening, the 2020 Stjärngalan kicked off in Borlänge. Dalarna Business, which arranges Stjärngalan, handed out eight awards to companies and entrepreneurs who in some way distinguished themselves during the past year. Åkerströms took home the Brand of the Year award.

“We are thrilled and proud to receive this award. Åkerströms has been in business for more than 100 years, and we’re honoured to have now won the Brand of the Year award. Åkerströms is a brand with long-established roots that we have nurtured and will continue to develop. Our success is built on our fantastic, dedicated employees who have helped the company achieve the strong position we hold today,” says Anna Stiwne, CEO of Åkerströms.

As part of this development, last year Åkerströms launched an initiative for establishing the fundamental pillars and future strategy of the Åkerströms brand. In parallel, Åkerströms has also updated its graphic profile.

“To support our success going forward, we also need to develop the brand that embodies the promise we make to our customers – to create safe and durable remote-control solutions for them. As part of this, we have developed our brand platform and are in the process of implementing our new graphic profile. To reach out with our message even more, we have also intensified our presence on social media, which has yielded excellent results,” Stiwne concludes.

The jury’s motivation for Åkerströms as “Brand of the Year”:

“Working on your brand is not just about creating an attractive platform and communicating effectively. It also involves using your values, your vision and your mission to build a company where all employees become bearers of both the culture and well-defined sales messaging. This year’s Brand of the Year winner has put as much energy into internal efforts as it has with customer-facing efforts, resulting in a strong, authentic and genuine brand with a profile that both stands out and sinks in.”

About Dalarna Business and Stjärngalan

Dalarna Business is an organisation that promotes a strong business sector in Dalarna. By creating a forum for entrepreneurs to meet, exchange experiences, create networks and showcase their successes, they help foster a more vibrant business community.

By arranging Stjärngalan, where the Star is awarded to entrepreneurs and companies that have distinguished themselves in some way, Dalarna Business wants to inspire and highlight successes. All nominees are judged on roughly ten weighted criteria, and each award category has its own. These include sustainability, financial and other, product uniqueness, and innovation in processes.


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