Self-propelling stock shelves relieve the pressure on the forklifts

Sesam - EAB - ctl00_cph1_image

EAB is a manufacturer in Smålandsstenar, Sweden. They develop, design and manufacture industrial doors, warehouse equipment and steel buildings. Maxipacker is a patented machine for handling pallets in a deep pile tracker. You never need to drive the forklift in between the stock shelves; the Maxipacker goes in and fetches or leaves the desired pallet. This maximises stock utilisation, at the same time as you get a rational and economical handling of pallets.

The Maxipacker operates in a wireless system and is controlled by a radio transmitter, the Sesam 599 with a few adjustments fitted in the forklift. Several machines can be controlled by a single radio transmitter. The forklift does not need to wait for the Maxipacker - it is free to work somewhere else, ensuring a good utilisation of forklifts.

When picking, the Maxipacker is used together with roller conveyors, a combination where there is room for buffer pallets on the upper levels and roller conveyors for picking on the lower levels.
"We have supplied approximately 500 machines world wide", says Christer Larsson, technician at EAB. "Above all, we see a lot of interest from the food industry, where the Maxipacker plays an important role in freezer storages where it is expensive to keep the business running."
"It is common that a warehouse has 2-4 Maxipackers, but they can also have both more or less", Larsson concludes.

EAB also sells the product to the forklift manufacturer BT, where it has been made into an OEM product, sold under the name Radio Shuttle.