Gyllensvaans Möbler

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Gyllensvaans Möbler is a family-owned company situated in the small town of Kättilstorp, just outside Falköping in southern Sweden. The company was established in 1946 by Nils Gyllensvaan and now employs about 250 people. Gyllensvaans’ main production area is bookcases, including IKEA’s world famous “BILLY”. The company manufacturers 170,000 bookcases every week for distribution all over the world.

One cold winter’s day I paid Gyllensvaans Möbler a visit. I drove through a small village and suddenly found myself in front of a large factory building. Flags outside proudly displayed the company’s logo. I was due to meet Magnus Carlsson, the firm’s electrical manager. In the reception area I immediately noticed a framed letter on the wall. The letter, dated 1952, was from a company enquiring about furniture manufacturing. The sender wrote of the company’s 100-page catalogue in which it marketed its products. It was IKEA, now perhaps the largest furniture store chain in the world.

New bookcase every three seconds
Magnus met me and took me on a guided tour of the factory. I was very impressed by the facility to say the least. The factory produces a new bookcase every three seconds. The lifting tools that they use are controlled by Åkerströms’ radio equipment, and Magnus is very happy with the solution.

Lower energy costs
Magnus, it turns out, is extremely innovative. He showed me Gyllensvaans’ forklift truck park, where all the vehicles are equipped with Sesam 800 large transmitters. And they don’t just open and close the doors! Magnus has found another use for them. Sesam also controls the lighting in the warehouses, which helps cut energy costs and reduces the use of consumable items such as strip lights. The strip lights last twice as long now that they are only switched on when they are needed.
”You can save a lot of money to section the lights when the personell can turn the lights off and on in the specific area, says Magnus.

Scanner activation
When the forklift trucks have retrieved items for loading, they need to be scanned by the scanning machine. Previously, drivers maneuvered the pallet to the machine and then the driver would have to get out and scan the shipment manually. Now they drive the pallet to the scanner and activate it with the help of Sesam.
“It saves a huge amount of time,” says Magnus.

Several areas of use
I got to see forklift truck driver Cecilia Friberg in action as she was transporting items. Cecilia is very happy with the system as it makes her daily job a lot easier.
Once again I’ve had the chance to see in practice the benefits of Sesam and its many areas of use. With the help of Sesam and an innovative staff, Gyllensvaans, which is way ahead in its approach to technology and the environment, is living proof of Sesam’s excellence.

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