T & C Purchases

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Åkerströms Björbo AB only sells B2B. We apply Orgalime S 2012 & SW 14 for all countries outside the Nordics, and we deliver according to INCOTERMS EXW Björbo. However, other terms can be negotiated.

Specific for Remotus Mercury

Mercury refers to our tailor-made Remotus-series.

Priority in Production

We can offer priority in production. Each case is determined individually by the systems complexity, the current state of production, and the amount of systems ordered.

In most cases the priority requires an existing delivery number (Del.No), i.e. the order is replacing an already existing Remotus unit.  

Type of transmitter


Hand held transmitter

20% of order value

Waist transmitter

25% of order value




Systems w/ hand held transmitter

20% of order value, min SEK 5 000

Systems w/ waist transmitters

25% of order value, min SEK 10 000


Cancellation fee

Cancellation fees are determined with regards to how far into the process the order has proceeded.


Order status

Cancellation fee

Registered in our system

0% of order value

Layout & technical scheme has been received

20% of order value

Order released from construction

50% of order value

Production started

Not valid for cancellation


Warranty and Repairs

Warranty according to Orgalime S 2012 & SW 14, and are further specified in each product’s respective manual. Products are to be sent to us or to the authorized partner for evolution. Repairs may only be carried out by us or by an authorized partner.

Please contact your nearest authorized partner for further help and instruction.