Terms of delivery

Åkerströms Björbo AB only sells B2B. We apply Orgalime S 2012 & SW 14 for all countries outside the Nordics, and we deliver according to INCOTERMS EXW Björbo. However, other terms can be negotiated.

Shipping is usually made with Sweden Post Parcel DPD. For deliveries on the same day the following applies:


Latest time for delivery



DHL Express


DB Schenker


TNT Express

One day before delivery EXW


Please contact


Please contact


Method of booking


We book to your account number

Delivered ASAP, or according to times above
Freight administration fee SEK 200


Customer book shipping to their account number

Ready for pick-up ASAP. We require confirmation for pick-up within three days

Express delivery

According to agreement. Please contact for further information


Paper invoices

We work for a sustainable future; therefore, we wish to send invoices by email when possible. An an environmental fee of SEK 39 is charged for paper invoices.

Assistance with Customs Docs and DGR

We can offer support with customs documents and Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). Please contact for further information.

Shipment of Li-ion batteries are regulated by UN3480 and UN3481. Åkerströms logistics employees are specially trained to handle these types of batteries and goods. We recommend letting us handle your shipment, for safe and trouble-free deliveries.