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Åkerströms Björbo AB’s product warranty cover materials and manufacturing faults. Åkerströms apply NL09, NPV09 within the Nordics and Orgalime S2012 and SW 14 in other countries, along with the clarification of guarantees as stated here. These terms may be superseded by separate terms or agreements.

Claims must be submitted in writing promptly with a description of where and how the defect first appeared, your contact information, and reference to our order number and the product’s serial number or delivery number ( Products must always be returned to Åkerströms Björbo AB for assessment unless otherwise stated.

During the warranty period, Åkerströms Björbo AB is entitled to either repair, replace or issue whole or partial credit as per the price of the product when purchased.


Product category

Warranty period

Åkerströms REMOTUS radio system or
separate transmitter and/or receiver

2 years

Wear parts* for radio system

1 year

Åkerströms SESAM radio system or separate transmitter and /or receiver

2 years


*Wear parts include the following:

  • Antennas

  • Batteries

  • Gaskets

  • Rubber bellows

  • Toggle switches

  • Push-button switches

  • Key switches

  • Bags, belts, fasteners/belt clips, holsters

The warranty does not cover:

  • Damage that originates from erroneous use or installation, including damages caused by dropping the product or other physical damage,

  • Damage that arises from abnormal wear, and the guarantee can be limited by using the product in an unsuitable environment,

  • Damage caused by inadequate maintenance,

  • Damage arising from worn rubber bellows, gaskets, rubber caps, such as humidity or water damage,

  • Damage arising from the use of bad or non-specified batteries,

  • Products that have been altered without the permission of Åkerströms AB or where non-approved components have been used.



Please refer enquiries regarding products purchased through retailers or distributors to the seller initially, otherwise to Åkerströms. To handle enquiries efficiently we ask that you send a completed Claim Form with your message.

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