About Åkerströms

Åkerströms Björbo AB
is an international company founded in 1918 that develops, produces, markets, and services high-quality and robust products for remote control of industrial cranes, doors and mobile applications. Åkerströms has a large network of partners offering both local and global service and support.

Åkerströms Björbo AB has more than 50 years of experience developing high-quality radio remote control products for industrial and mobile applications.

Åkerströms 1918 - 2018

– The company was founded by Anders Åkerström.

21 year old Anders Åkerström ran a small cellar company alongside his regular work as power station manager at Fänforsen mill and power station in Björbo. Among other things, he designed the first electric tiled stove inserts.

1925 –  Anders Åkerström started selling radio equipment.
In 1941, while the company was registered, an electrical- radio store was opened in an older building in Björbo. The daughter Gulli and the sons Åke and Knut started working in the company.

1953 – the company moved to larger premises while expanding the business. Åke began to construct simpler electrical control systems
for forestry.

1958 – First radio control for cranes

1958 – Priority supplier to heavy Swedish industry (i.e. SSAB, Outokumpu, Ovako)

1969 – First radio controlled door opening system

1979 – First wireless data transfer system

1982 – Jan Åkerström took over the CEO position after his father
Åke Åkerström

1995 – First radio control for locomotives

2001 – Åkerströms is aquired by the industrial venture capital company BrainHeart Capital

2008 – New owners - The company is acquired by Verdane Capital

2016 – Åkerströms Björbo is acquired by Allgon AB

2018 – Åkerströms celebrates 100 years!