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Åkerströms’ cloud service FrequencyCloud is a piece of software that runs via the internet. FrequencyCloud helps you administer your frequencies simply and effectively. FrequencyCloud is extremely easy to use and enables you to obtain a practical and clear overview of all your devices and their frequencies.

You can use FrequencyCloud to manage all your objects (radio controlled devices etc.) and their frequencies. Objects and data are filled in manually in a table, where the object’s position is clearly displayed with points on a location map/satellite image. The location map has a zoom function. You can also add or link to your own local documents/plans. Location maps, floor plans and tables can be adapted and printed off on a local printer. FrequencyCloud can run on a normal computer or tablet/mobile via


– The cloud service that helps managing your frequencies

• Manage your frequencies

• Clear and easy to use

• Several user levels

• Secure and always up-to-date

Navigate to and log in for a demo.
You'll find the user id and password on bottom of the page. The demo version has only "Base" access (read and print)

For more information, download data sheet and manual below.