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Remotus T-Rx

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Remotus T-Rx is Åkerströms’ robust products for radio remote control of mobile applications. The Remotus T-Rx line includes a complete receiver and transmitter line and comes in different standard models suited for different usage areas. We do also offer customized solutions for your specific needs.

The Remotus T-Rx receivers are designed to control all mobile applications with up to 8 analogue functions, PWM (0-3 A) or analogue outputs (0-10V or 0-20 mA). The system can also be used to equip wheel loaders, excavators, mobile cranes etc. with radio remote control. The system is adapted for tolerating tough conditions such as drastic temperature differences, dust, vibrations, oil, and dampness.

Remotus T-Rx is used in the frequency range 433-434 MHzWe also offer radio module, 2.4 GHz, which can be used worldwide. This radio module has a range of about 200 m. If necessary, you can adjust the range by lowering the output. One advantage of this radio module is that many radio systems can be used in the same location without interference. Transmitter and receiver are paired together easily which results in a simple and easy handling.

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