Åkerströms receive large radio control order from ITAB

Transmitter Sesam 800 Keyring suited for ITAB
Transmitter Sesam 800 Keyring suited for ITAB

A good start to 2020

Åkerströms has recently received a radio control order, with a value of 1 MSEK from ITAB in Jönköping. The order consists of transmitters and receivers within the Åkerström Sesam 800 product range.

For many years, Åkerströms has delivered Sesam, radio remote control to ITAB in Jönköping, one of Europe's leading suppliers of complete shop fitting concepts, innovative solutions for checkout arena and professional lighting systems.

The radio control is used to manually open and close ITAB's automatic entrance gates, which are delivered to various stores worldwide. The control facilitates for cleaning and maintenance personnel when for example the floors are to be cleaned. With a simple button press on the transmitter all gates are opened to a fixed open position, and when finished work, a button is pressed for closing all gates.

The transmitter, of model Sesam 800 Keyring, communicates with a Sesam 800 receiver, mounted on a DIN rail inside the gate post.

-       It's fantastic that we get continued trust to deliver our controls to ITAB, says Anna Stiwne, CEO, Åkerströms.

-       Our Sesam products are very flexible and useful for so many more applications than just doors in industrial environments. Here we see how well they work and also fit into the clean and designed store environment. This is a very good start to 2020, concludes Anna Stiwne, CEO Åkerströms


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