Åkerströms, receives order from international manufacturer of surface preparation equipment

Åkerströms, which is part of the Allgon Group, announces that a major radio control order of 1.3 MSEK has been obtained from a leading international manufacturer of surface preparation equipment.

The order comes from a returning customer and includes a tailor made, robust and secure radio control system for mobile applications. This multinational customer employs about 450 people and has a global network of more than 70 dealers around the world. The order goes through Åkerströms’ Dutch distributor ART4.

"The collaboration with ART4 was started in 2009, and over the years we have delivered a large number of radio systems to this customer. This testifies to our good, long-term customer relations and product reputation," says Anna Stiwne, VP of Sales at Åkerströms

For more information and contact:
Johan Hårdén, CEO Åkerströms
+46 73 385 92 19