Anna Stiwne is new CEO of Åkerströms

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Allgon’s Board of Directors has appointed Anna Stiwne as CEO of Åkerströms Björbo AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Allgon AB. She was previously sales and business development manager at Åkerströms.

Anna Stiwne has worked at Åkerströms since 2017 as sales and business development manager. Prior to that, she was operations manager and a member of the management team for ABB Capacitors & Filters. She was also previously a product manager at SSAB. 

“Anna Stiwne contributes a combination of solid industrial experience and good leadership skills. She has a deep understanding of customer requirements and a proven ability to generate profitable growth with a clear focus on sales. Anna will be an important piece of the puzzle in Allgon’s continued growth and strategic focus on industrial remote control, which we are building with Åkerströms and Tele Radio,” says Johan Hårdén, Allgon CEO.

Åkerströms develops tailor-made remote-control solutions together with demanding industrial customers in the manufacturing, mining, smelting and transport sectors. Åkerströms works with the market directly and with partners around the world and has installed about 45,000 systems so far. The head office is in Björbo, Dalarna, Sweden. 

“We are just beginning the journey of developing Allgon’s remote control offering with a clear focus on growth. Åkerströms will play an important part in this development thanks to our long-term, strategic customer relationships, which will help us develop modern applications for the most demanding industrial environments. I look forward to working with Åkerströms’ employees and the Allgon Group to take the next step in the company’s development and create innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers,” says Åkerströms’ new CEO Anna Stiwne.

Besides Åkerströms, Tele Radio is included in the Allgon Group and the two companies form the basis of Allgon’s new strategic concentration on industrial remote control. 

“Together, Åkerströms and Tele Radio provide Allgon with a really strong platform for continued growth. The companies complement each other, with Åkerströms expertise in heavy industrial applications and aftermarket in the Nordic countries combined with Tele Radio’s broader product offering and their model for growth and geographic expansion,” says Hårdén.

Anna Stiwne will take over as Åkerströms’ CEO on 1 January 2019.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Hårdén, CEO of Allgon
+46 (0)73-385 92 19