Secured shipping and battery life time for Sesam 800 transmitters

Due to new battery shipping regulations, we will from January 2021 introduce a new safe and sustainable battery solution for our Sesam transmitters.

For transmitter model Keyring, an isolator sheet is inserted between the batteries and the socket, acting as a "pull tab". This means you must pull the tab before the transmitter will be activated. A simple instruction and a suitable screwdriver will be included in the package for easy and quick tightening of the screws that holds the top and bottom enclosure together.

For transmitter models Small, Medium and Large, batteries will be placed outside the transmitter, but in the same packaging, which means, before activation you must mount the batteries in the transmitter. A simple instruction is included in the package. (For transmitter model Small, a suitable screwdriver is included).

This also means that we ensure the life time for the batteries as they are completely new and unused when the transmitter is activated.

We will phase out current stock and as far as possible avoid delivery of different battery solutions in your orders.

Please, come back to us if you need more information about this.