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A new dimension of control and security.

Access_Ctrl is the name of Åkerströms’ new business area for access management and connected services for logging production data.

Access management


The access control service makes it possible to easily manage which operators are authorised to operate cranes, thereby ensuring that only those with the proper rights and current training can use the remote control. Users can easily be added and removed, manually or scheduled in the system, either via computer or directly at the transmitter or crane. Access control shows who has logged in and when, as well as who has tried to log in, but failed. The service can be used in other machinery and vehicles, not just cranes.

The concept is simple; the authorization is managed with any Mifare tag as well as the company's AD. This gives you the status of controlled machines and authorized operators.


Production data log

The service logs everything that the system knows, which is initially operting data via the radio control. The service can be expanded by installing external sensors, thus obtaining exactly the data that is desired. The information can then be used to, for example, investigate driving patterns and information from the sensors in connection with incidents or accidents. This creates safer working conditions in industrial environments.

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Access_Ctrl is a brand new service, which will continue to evolve as users and data come in.

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