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Waist transmitters

  • Waist transmitter T-Rx Era 100

    T-Rx Era 100 is easy to use and has a well thought out robust and ergonomic design. T-Rx Era 100 can easily be modified and customized for your exact needs. T-Rx Era 100 is designed with rubberized handles for the best possible grip and it stands stable on its stainless steel feet even when not in use. T-Rx Era 100 handles up to six movements, 2-position, 4-position or stepless joystick (total max two joysticks). It is communicating on frequency band 434-434 MHz. T-Rx Era 100 is designed with graphic LCD, 128*64 pixels. The LCD is backlit and transflective, readable in bright sunlight. It has two background colours and is easy to control with buttons on the front. T-Rx Era 100 has full screen alarm, vibration and acoustic alarms. The waist transmitter has dual CPUs for extra high security level, even for movements/functions. It has active stop, stops in <100 ms and tilt switch.

  • Waist transmitter T-Rx 300

    T-Rx 300 is our mid-size model that works with everything from off-the-shelf solutions to advanced equipment. T-Rx 300 can control up to six movements. Total max three joysticks alt. six paddles. It can be ordered with a LCD display.

  • Waist transmitter T-Rx 500

    T-Rx 500 takes on very highly sophisticated equipment. The T-Rx 500 is our largest transmitter model and can control up to eight movements. Total max four joysticks alt. eight paddles. It can be ordered with a LCD display.