End-of-life Sesam 500

At the end of 1990s, the follower to Sesam 2000; Sesam 500 was launched, a series which also has been a faithful servant with a well-deserved excellent reputation. But the development of current and future technology goes quickly forward and years go by. Components and electronics for older products are becoming more expensive and some parts no longer exist.
A time ago we initiated the end-of-life date for Sesam 2000 and now we have also decided an end-of-life date for the follower, Sesam 500.

On June 28, 2013 we will completely stop producing and stop all new sales of Sesam 500. The product will after that, become an aftermarket product for a couple of years.

We offer Sesam 800, which is our latest product family within the category of non-safety radio remote control of for example doors, turning on/off of fans and floodlights. Sesam 800 is a robust, flexible
and user-friendly radio control system and is built on digital technology that is even more advanced. The transmitters are available in four modern and ergonomic models in different designs. The receivers are available in two wall-mounted models and a model for assembly on a DIN rail.

Follow the link for more information about Sesam 800.

If you have questions and thoughts regarding this decision, please contact us for more information

Ulf Hedlund, Sales Manager Sesam Sweden
Tel. +46 (0)241-250 15

Andreas Hedström, VP of Sales
Tel. +46 (0)241-250 19