Åkerströms launches services for increased control and security

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Access_Ctrl is the name of Åkerströms’ new business area for access management and connected services for logging production data. The services are designed to offer increased industrial control and security and are being launched as a complement to Åkerströms’ robust and secure radio control systems.

“Knowing who can operate cranes and other machinery means better safety and security for both operators and their companies,” said Anna Stiwne, CEO of Åkerströms. “Control of operating patterns and operating data can save costs in industry, as data can be obtained for optimising service intervals.”

The access control service makes it possible to easily manage which operators are authorised to operate cranes, thereby ensuring that only those with the proper rights and current training can use the remote control. Users can easily be added and removed, manually or scheduled in the system, either via computer or directly at the transmitter or crane. Access control shows who has logged in and when, as well as who has tried to log in, but failed. The service can be used in other machinery and vehicles, not just cranes.

The other service, which is completely independent of access control, is a network-based service that displays a production data log linked to the radio system and the application. Both operating patterns and operating data are logged and saved so that statistics can be deployed, for example, to prevent breakdowns by optimising service intervals or to investigate incidents after they occur.

Access control creates safer working environments for operators, other employees and the employer by removing the risk of operating a crane or machine without proper training. Simple handling in a secure web environment also frees up time for operator license management.

“The big advantage is the combination of these two parts in an easy-to-manage system with great flexibility in adapting to the needs and desires of the industry in terms of IT, security and simplified access administration,” said Stiwne.

Access_Ctrl will be launched at the Gothenburg Maintenance Fair March 10-13.

For more information, please contact: 

Anna Stiwne, CEO Åkerströms
+46 70-244 77 16