Famille de récepteurs en série complète Sesam Industrie 800.

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The Sesam 800 family has received an additional member, the receiver Sesame 800 DIN. The DIN receiver should be mounted on a DIN rail and is the smallest receiver in the family.
– The receiver family for Sesam 800 Industry is now complete, says Andreas Hedström, VP of Sales at Åkerströms Björbo.
– We have also recently hired a new sales manager for our business area Sesam industry in Sweden, Ulf Hedlund, who is now going to work hard marketing the products, says Andreas Hedström.

Sesam 800 Industry
Sesam 800 Industry is the name of our product family for radio remote control of simple industrial applications as door opening systems, opening and closing gates and bars, switching on and off fans and floodlights. The system is robust and flexible and based on modern digital technology.

Proprietary configuration tool
The system’s hand transmitters are in five models: Keyring, Small, Medium and the largest model Large that is available with or without LCD display. The Large transmitter can manage up to 999 doors and can be used together with our proprietary configuration tool, Sesam MC Manager. Sesam MC Manager simplifies installation, configuration, testing and maintenance of large-scale Sesam 800 gate/door installations.

The receivers in the family are available as wall receivers with or without LCD display and now also the smaller receiver for DIN rail. The receiver with LCD display can also be equipped with a detachable memory card for business-critical systems using a large base of transmitters.

The transmitters and receivers are shock resistant and classed for IP67 and IP65 which means they can be exposed to dust, humidity, and water without interruptions.

We are very pleased to now offer the market a complete family. There is a transmitter and receiver for all, concludes a satisfied Andreas Hedström.

For more information, please download the data sheet below or contact Andreas Hedström, VP of Sales on phone +46 241 250 19 or or Ulf Hedlund, Sales Manager Sesam Sweden, on phone +46 0241 250 15 or for a comment.