Security and directives

radiocommande robuste - Security and directives - ctl00_cph1_image

Åkerströms' products are very robust and developed for extreme environments.

All Åkerströms' products are CE marked and they have completed tests for vibration, coldness, heat etc. The products have also completed extensive tests for EMC and LVD.

The products are of protection class IP65-67 which means they are very durable and withstands dust and water.
All our components are carefully chosen and tested.

Our products adapted for mobile applications are approved for vehicle usage within the EU and FN regulations
We provide FCC approved products for required markets.

The safety stop function in our radio systems for safety critical applications is approved according to Pl d, Cat 3, EN ISO 13849-1.
There is also a possibility for safety classified movements.

At requirement for extremely high safety levels we have systems approved according to EN 61508 SIL 3 for the safety stop function.

We do also provide products approved according to locomotive standards.

Delivery occurs according to Orgalime S 2012 and Orgalime SW 14. conditions